03 - 05 May 2018, Hall B & C Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran - IndonesiaCHINA INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND ELECTRONIC PRODUCT EXHIBITION 2018
• EventIIME 2018

co-located with:

  • Energy Indonesia 
  • Fluid Machinery
  • GuangDong Commodities
• Theme
: "Your Gateway to These Lucrative Market Opportunities"
• Dates
: 3 - 5 May 2018 (Thursday - Saturday)
• Hours
: 10:00 a.m to 06:00 p.m
• Venue
: Hall B1 & B2 (Jakarta International Expo-Kemayoran, Jakarta)

ENERGY INDONESIA 2017 — Solar System, New & Renewable Energy, Electricity & Lighting Exhibition
-          Gasoline and Diesel Generator, 
-          Power Equipment, 
-          High and Low Voltage Electrical Appliances and Complete Sets of Equipment, 
-          Transformers, Motors, Current Transformer, Power Capacitor, Power Transmission Parts, 
-          Electric Power Automation Technology and Equipment, Power Measurement And Automatic Control System Equipment, 
-          Energy security,
-          Wire and Cable, Optical Cable,
-          Insulation Materials, Measuring Instrument, 
-          Electric Lighting Engineering and Equipment.
-    Efficient Energy-Saving Electric Light Source,
-    Energy-Saving Lamps, Electrode Less Lamp, 
-    Energy-saving special lighting products, 
-    LED Products
-    Architectural Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Road Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Farming / Venue / Mining / Airport / Tunnel Lighting
Solar Energy
-    Solar Module, 
-    Solar Cells, 
-    Solar Lighting, 
-    Solar Energy Application System 

China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (Indonesia)
-          Thermal Power Plant Equipment (Coal Power plants, Natural Gas Power plants)
Pumps: Boiler feed pumps, circulating water pumps, condensate pumps and desulphurization pumps, etc. 
Blower and fans : forced draught blowers, induced draft fans, primary air fans, secondary air fans, booster fans and desulphurization fans, etc. 
Valves: High temperature and high pressure gate valves, butterfly valves, relief valves and drain valves, etc.
-          Oil and Gas Gathering and Transportation Equipment:
Natural Pipeline: Compressors and valves.
Crude oil and refined oil products transportation: Fuel delivery pumps and valves.
Natural gas Liquefaction and Re-gasification: compressors, low temperature pumps and valves: Vaporization pumps and valves.
 -          Petro-chemical Equipment:
Oil refinery: Process gas compressors such as circulating hydrogen compressors and make-up hydrogen compressors; Process pumps 
such as charge pumps and tower button pumps; valves and hydraulic turbines.
Ethylene: Process gas compressors such as crack gas compressors, ethylene compressors, propylene compressors, recycle gas compressors and 
polyethylene compressor, etc; Process pumps such as charge pumps and hydrogenation pumps; valves. 
Fertilizer: Process gas compressors such as synthetic gas compressors, CO2 compressors; Process pumps such as 
methylamine Pumps and liquid ammonia pumps; valves.
 -          Metallurgical equipment:
Blowers: Blast furnace blowers and coal gas blowers, etc.
Valves: Various pumps.
Tail gas recovery equipment (TRT).
 -          Urban construction:
High building water supply devices: pumps and valves.
Urban sewage treatment: Slush pumps, aeration blowers and valves.
 -          Air Separation Equipment:
Package of large, mediate and small scale air separation equipment for metallurgical, petro-chemical coal deep processing and gas supply, etc.


-    Electrical Engineering, New Energy and Lightning Products
Diesel Engines and Generator, Electronic Equipment and Accessories, Coal Gas, Biogas Generator Set, Gasoline Generator Set, LED Lighting, Light System
-    Machinery and Auto, Motor Parts and Fittings
Wheel Motorcycle, Motor Cycle, Light Truck, Minitype Wind Generator, Gear Motor, Granulator, Environmental Protection Machinery and Equipment, Rolls, 
Roller, Stainless Steel Products, Air Compressed, Excavator, Bearing, Construction Machines, Engine Crankshaft, Machining Center, Drilling Machine and 
Mililng Machine, Machine, Tools & Accessories, Buses, Mining Machinery and Equipment, Elevators
-    Hardware, Building Materails, Sanitation, Home Appliance and Fittings
Tool Cabinet, Welding Machine, Refrigerator Parts, Water Kattle, Juicer, Pipe Fitting, Valves, U-Joint, Detoxification Machines, Purification Machine
-    Agricultural Equipment and Food Procession
Sprayer, Oil Extraction Equipment, Bean Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Pumping Machinery, Agricultural Processing Machinery , Grinder, Rice Mill, 
Fresh Milk, Vegetable, Meat Product , Food Packaging, Paper Cup, Food Processor, Ganoderma Lucidum Powder, Potassic Fertilizer, Veterinary Medicine
-    Electronic Information, Communication and Security Product
Panel Meter, Current Transformers, Micro Switch, Electric Wire, Communicational Material, Cables, Smart Alarm

Guangdong (Indonesia) Commodities Fair 
-    Toy Product: 
Plastic Toy, Electronic Toy, metal model, brick, doll house.
-    Hardware: 
Ball Bearing Slides, Door Hinge, Cabinet Hinge, Heating wire, heating component, fluorine plastic line, Mobile Refrigerator.
-    Car product:
Tire Pressure monitoring system, Parking assist system, car alarm system, motorcycle alarm system, Driving video recorder, Car audio, 
Vehicle mounted refrigeratorTire pressure monitor, car alarm
-    Household electrical appliances: 
Juice extractor, electric kettle, meat grinde, Electric cooker, electric Hot pot, electric kettle, Juice Electric Kettle Grinder Meat Grinder Egg Beater, 
Electric rice cookerElectric hot pot, commercial or industrial fans, 
-    LED: 
LED lighting, Electronic component
-    Clothing: 
Kids, knitted sweater
-    Household Items: Cups


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